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Blessing Igbeare

Transformation Coach/Mentor

About us

“SparkHer Shift” embodies a program dedicated to sparking a positive and transformative change in the lives of the young girls it coaches and mentors.  We believe that every small spark of inspiration, guidance, and mentoring we provide has the potential to bring about a meaningful shift in their lives, guiding them toward inner transformation, personal growth, and a sense of responsibility.

Our sessions tackle issues of peer pressure, identity crisis, attitude, and behavior, giving them the tools to overcome these challenges.

We achieve this change in these young girls’ lives by coaching and mentoring them on how to overcome unique challenges in their adolescent years and equip them with leadership skills to be change agents and to become responsible noble women.
We focus on:

  • Character building,
  • Attitude transformation
  • Self-discipline
  • Success Habits
  • Resilience
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Self-confidence amongst other key topics.

This program is designed for all girls who want to lead the change and stand out among their peers.
We utilize biblical principles and practical coaching methods (transformation, strength-based, goal-oriented, and Socratic) to accomplish this.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide guidance and support to young girls as they navigate the transformations and challenges of adolescence, empowering them to be agents of change who can conquer obstacles and emerge as resilient, admirable women.

Through guidance and unwavering support, we cultivate a nurturing environment where girls uncover their inherent strengths, nurture their confidence, and learn essential life skills.

We are committed to providing purposeful mentorship and coaching that fosters positive attitudes, builds strong character, and equips them with the leadership skills that spark a transformative change.  We provide a supportive community and equip these young minds with the tools and life skills needed to navigate the changes that come with the adolescent years.

SparkHer Shift is dedicated to illuminating the path to leadership and transformation, ensuring every girl emerges as an ethical, noble, and principled young woman.

Invest in Your Child's Transformation

Our Journey

In this transformative journey with SparkHer Shift, we delve into the unique challenges that young girls encounter in shaping their attitudes, character, and self-esteem. As they navigate through the intricate landscapes of societal and social pressures, body image concerns, and of course the powerful influence of social media, our mentoring/coaching program is a beacon of support and guidance for these young girls, leading them through a journey of self-discovery, and purpose

Picture a space where girls are not just guided but empowered to thrive and become the best versions of themselves. At SparkHer Shift, we understand the pivotal phase of adolescence and recognize the importance of providing mentorship and guidance tailored to the specific needs of young minds.
In a world filled with complexities, our program provides steadfast companionship and support, offering the tools and guidance necessary for them to navigate challenges and emerge stronger.
SparkHer Shift is not just a program; it’s a transformative experience for every young girl seeking to define her path to greatness.

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