SparkHer Shift


About us

“SparkHer Shift” is a program dedicated to sparking positive and transformative changes in the girls it coaches and mentors. It communicates the notion that even small sparks of inspiration, guidance, and mentoring have the potential to bring about meaningful shifts in their attitudes and characters, guiding them toward positive transformation, growth, and a sense of responsibility.

We spark transformative change in young girls’ lives by coaching and mentoring them to overcome unique challenges in adolescence. We focus on: Character building, Attitude transformation, Self-discipline, Success habits, Resilience, Accountability Responsibility Self-confidence amongst other key topics.
This program is designed for girls aged 10 and older, particularly those encountering character or attitude challenges, as well as issues related to adolescence and teenage years. We utilize a combination of established methodologies and biblical principles to shape and “Transform Her into His image”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to mentor and coach young girls through the adolescent years nurturing them into resilient, transformed change agents. We use proven practical methods that result in building ethical, noble, and principled young women.
We are committed to providing mentorship and coaching that fosters positive attitudes, builds unwavering character, and equips them with the tools to navigate these challenges. Through personalized guidance and a supportive community, we inspire these young minds to embrace their potential, catalyzing a transformative journey toward self-discovery, growth, and the ability to effect positive change in themselves and the world around them. SparkHer Shift is dedicated to illuminating the path to transformation, ensuring every girl emerges as a confident, compassionate, and impactful leader of her own story,

Our Journey

In this transformative journey with SparkHer Shift, where we delve into the unique challenges that young girls encounter in shaping their attitudes, character, and self-esteem. As they navigate through the intricate landscapes of societal and social pressures, body image concerns, and the powerful influence of social media, Our mentoring/coaching program is a beacon of support and guidance for these girls in this phase helping them embrace a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and the empowerment needed to sculpt their unique path to success.
Picture a space where girls are not just guided but empowered to thrive and become the best versions of themselves. At SparkHer Shift, we understand the pivotal phase of adolescence and recognize the importance of providing mentorship and guidance tailored to the specific needs of young minds.
In a world filled with complexities, our program acts as a steadfast companion, offering the tools and insights necessary for these girls to navigate challenges and emerge stronger. We aim to empower their journey, ignite positive change, and help shape resilient, confident and transformed young leaders.
SparkHer Shift is not just a program; it’s a transformative experience for every girl seeking to define her path to greatness.

My Story

Feeling isolated on this journey, they often remain silent, dealing with these challenges alone to avoid judgment. These girls seek acknowledgment, understanding, and the essential support to navigate through this season of their lives.
In the course of this profound exploration, I discovered not only the prevalent societal and social pressures but also the daunting impact of body image concerns and the pervasive influence of social media on our daughters. Recognizing these challenges as pivotal points in their development, I became determined to weave a tapestry of support and guidance that could empower them to rise above adversities.
With an unwavering commitment to making a difference, I applied proven methods and curated a coaching program – SparkHer Shift. This program is not just a mere collection of strategies; it is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship and coaching tailored to the unique needs of young girls. SparkHer Shift aims to be the guiding light that illuminates their journey, fostering a spirit of self-discovery, resilience, transformation, and empowerment.
Join us on this extraordinary expedition where character and attitude challenges are overcome with proven strategies, societal pressures are transformed into opportunities for growth, and the influence of social media becomes a force for positive change. SparkHer Shift is more than a coaching program; it is a nurturing space where every girl is encouraged to embrace her spark, and her unique brilliance, and emerge as a beacon of confidence, resilience, and authentic success.