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This is a concise and powerful 30-minute video or audio Zoom call with our coach/mentor. It is designed to answer any questions concerning the program and review where you are with your child in this challenge, this will give us a clear picture of the situation
This session is also your opportunity to gain clarity and guidance on what this coaching and mentoring program is targeting to achieve, our strategy, and the part you play.
This call also serves as an introduction to assess if we would be a good fit to embark on this transformative journey together—before committing to one of our mentoring/coaching programs. To ensure the session’s success, we’ll provide you with a prep form containing questions to answer beforehand. These answers will then be thoughtfully discussed during our time together, paving the way for a tailored and impactful Insight Session.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your child’s situation and are seeking an external perspective, our Insight Session is tailored for you.

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