SparkHer Shift

My Story

As a mother and transformation coach, I completely understand the joys and complexities of raising a girl child, I had my fair share of experience and this motivated me to embark on a personal journey to understand the challenges they encounter in the adolescent phase of life and unravel the complexities of character and attitude challenges that young girls often encounter. It was a Journey ignited by empathy and compassion, driven by a desire to create a path and support aimed at building a stronger character and adequately equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of adolescence.

I recognized that one of the most challenging aspects for these girls during this life phase is being understood, expressing their emotions, articulating the thoughts in their minds, and coping with the pressures of high expectations. This leads to low self-esteem, diminished self-confidence, and other negative reactions evident in their attitudes and characters.
They feel isolated in their journey through this phase and will often remain silent, dealing with these challenges alone to avoid judgment. These girls seek acknowledgment, understanding, and essential support to go through this season of their lives.

Blessing Igbeare

Transformation Coach/Mentor

In the course of my journey, I discovered not only the prevalent societal and social pressures that negatively affect them but also the daunting impact of body image concerns, the pervasive influence of social media, and the unrealistic high expectations we have as parents of them that put them under unnecessary pressure. Recognizing these challenges as pivotal points in their development, I became determined to build a system of support and guidance that could empower them to rise above adversities.

I was in deep desperation to help young girls, as I watched the struggle most parents encounter with their daughters. Hence with an unwavering commitment to making a difference and sparking a change, the inspiration for – SparkHer Shift was birth. This program is not just a mere collection of coaching and mentoring strategies; it is built with the goal of helping young girls struggling with the complexities of the adolescent years to become responsible, resilient, and confident young women.

As a parent, I welcome you to embark on this extraordinary journey where character and attitude challenges are overcome with proven strategies, support, and community. In this program, societal pressures are transformed into opportunities for growth, and the influence of social media becomes a force for positive change. Parental pressure and high expectations are turned into positive motivation for their personal growth.

SparkHer Shift is a nurturing space where every young girl is encouraged to embrace her spark and unique brilliance and emerge as a beacon of light, resilience, and a positive impact to her world.

By enrolling your child in this program you will be making a long-lasting investment in your child’s life, one that you will never regret,

Start the Journey.